I am an artist and researcher based in a part of Lenapehoking now called Philadelphia. Most of my visual art practice is about thinking through open-access digital archives, their overlap with cultural work and anticolonialism, and personal memory work and archival practice alongside my ancestors [portfolio page is in progress, but there are some examples in the links below]. I do digital accessibility work in academic publishing and beyond, am a student of the disability justice movement, and am a big .epub fan, advocate, and builder. I love working with and learning from wood [especially plywood], and I write many letters and emails to loved ones and people I admire :-).

Pronouns are they/them.

Feel free to contact me about accessible digital publishing consultations and conversions! I'd love to make a reflowable epub for you and your work.

General questions or inquiries of all types are always welcome—I love letters in all forms [if you want to mail ask me for address, but personally I am bad at snail mailing things].

+ jkriney12@gmail.com

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+ special.fish